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Available Production Technologies Standard Infrared
Power Infrared
Power IR (Low UF)
Power Window IR
Power Infrared for IrDA 870
Power Infrared for IrDA 850
Low-Doped GaAs

LPE Equipment for Flexible Use

The key-point of the SOF Optoelectronics ESY-10 concept is high capacity combined with flexibility for various types of LPE-production technologies. A capacity of 50 Wafers for a five-melt-process and 200 wafers for a one-melt-process demonstrates the high potential of this type of equipment.

In addition to the standard ESY-10 equipment for industrial use, customer designed solutions with plenty of options can be realised. The ESY-10 especially can be adapted to the requirements of research institutes and universities.

The ESY-10 can be designed as a one- or double- (twin) system to reduce the size of footprint in the cleanroom.