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ESY-10 S

Production Technologies Far-infrared detectors
Wide band-gap detectors
Wide band-gap emitters (LEDs

LPE-Equipment for II-VI Technolgies

The SOF Optoelectronics ESY-10 S concept was developed for the special requirements of LPE-growth of II-VI compound semiconductors. Its high capacity of 200cm 2 per epitaxial process combined with its unique crucible material and design for melt homogenization are the leading features of this equipment, which is operating successfully worldwide in various applications.

In addition to the standard ESY-10 S equipment for industrial and R&D use, customer designed solutions with plenty of options can be realised. The ESY-10 S can be supplemented perfectly with an integrated independent annealing furnace system. A sealed Nitrogen loading glove-box enables the operator to load and unload the furnace tubes under protective atmosphere.