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The HCPS is an integration of two H2-Gas purifier-units and the associated heaters and sensors for automated gas purifying. The product is designed to purify hydrogen at ambient temperature. Power failures will not affect the viability of a purifier bed to remove contamination.


Contaminants, such as moisture, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and non-methanated hydrocarbons, are removed from the hydrogen gas to sub-ppb levels through chemisorption and oxidation. The purifier media is a specific mix of inorganic nickel silica.


A dual bed system is used to maintain continuous flow. One purification bed is online while the other is in regeneration or in standby mode. During the reactivation process, the regenerating bed is heated and a small amount of purified hydrogen is run counter flow through the bed. This drives off all contaminants and leaves the bed ready to purify hydrogen gas. When the bed returns to ambient temperature, it is put in a standby mode and is ready to go back online when the sequence is complete. The complete regeneration cycle is SPS-controlled.