A highly flexible LPE Equipment for III-V Epitaxy.


LPE Equipment for Flexible Use

The Key-Features of the SOF Optoelectronics ESY–10 Concept are a high Capacity combined with the Flexibility for various Types of LPE-Production Technologies. A Capacity of 50 Wafers for a Five-Melt-Process and 200 Wafers for a One-Melt-Process demonstrate the high Potential of this Type of Equipment.

In Addition to the standard ESY–10 Equipment for industrial Use, customer-designed Solutions with plenty of Options can be realised. The ESY–10 especially can be adapted to the Requirements of Research Institutes and Universities.

The ESY–10 can be designed as a one- or double- (twin) System to reduce the Size of Footprint in the Cleanroom.

Available Production Technologies

  • Standard Infrared
  • Power Infrared
  • Power IR (Low UF)
  • Power Window IR
  • Power Infrared for IrDA 870 nm
  • Power Infrared for IrDA 850 nm
  • Low-Doped GaAs

Technical Highlights

  • Single or Twin-System
  • Vertical LPE Quartz Tube
  • 3 Heating Zones
  • Constant Temperature Flat-Zone: 250 mm
  • Temperatures up to 1,050°C
  • Temperature Regulation Accuracy: ± 0.5 °C
  • Min. Need of Space: 1.2 x 1.2 m²
  • High Homogeneity of Layer-Thickness by Horizontal Layer-Growth
  • Fully automatic Computer-
    Controlled Processing
  • Data-Logging of all Process-Parameters
  • Suitable for Multi-Layer Epitaxial Processes
  • Suitable for Wafer Diameter up to 4″
  • Flexible Adaptation of Wafer-Capacity
  • Minimum of 3 Wafers for Development
  • Maximum of 200 Wafers for Production

The Telescope Heating Cassette

Loading position

Process position

Fast-cool position

The Graphite System of the ESY–10 TTT

In Principle the ESY–10 Graphite System consists of alternating fixed and movable graphite Plates with Hollows holding the Substrates. The System Capacity is determined by the Stack Height of the Graphite Plates. The Crucible is placed on Top of the Graphite Stack and contains the Melts for the epitaxial Process.


  • Fig. A: Filling Melt 1 into Melt Chambers of movable Graphite Plates.
  • Fig. B: Moving Melt 1 to Growth-Position above Wafer. Filling Melt 2 into next Melt Chambers.
  • Fig. C: Removing Melt 1. Moving Melt 2 to Growth Position above Wafers. Filling Melt 3 into next Melt Chambers etc.

Available LPE Production Technologies

No. of
Max. Capacity
Duration (hrs)
Standard IR940 nm120010
Power IR870 nm120020
Power IR (Low UF)870 nm210021
Power Window IR930 nm210012
Power IrDA 870870 nm55022
Power IrDA 850850 nm55022

Pictures of ESY–10 TTT

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