Designed for economical Production of GaP-Wafers for Yellow-Green LEDs.


LPE-Equipment for GaP:S Yellow-Green LED-Technology

SOF Optoelectronics ESY–8 Equipment are especially designed for economical Production of GaP-wafers for Yellow-Green LEDs. With a Capacity of 90 Wafers per Run, not only the Throughput is high, but also the Quality and Homogeneity of the Products are excellent.

The easily understandable Architecture of the Computer Control Software and pragmatic Loading and Unloading of the System result in high Reliability and stabile Process Conditions. The flexible Use of 1 to 4 Stacks also permits the Manufacture of only a small Amount of Wafers for Development and Research Purposes.

Available Production Technologies

  • Yellow Green 572 nm

Technical Highlights

  • Horizontal LPE Quartz Tube
  • 5 Heating Zones
  • Constant Temperature Flat-Zone: 600 mm
  • Temperatures up to 1,050 °C
  • Temperature Regulation Accuracy: ± 0.5 °C
  • Fully automatic Computer-Controlled Processing
  • Data-Logging of all Process-Parameters
  • Extremely homogeneous Doping by Using special Gas-Phase “Showering”-Technique
  • Suitable for GaP:N Epitaxial Processes
  • Suitable for Wafer Diameters up to 4″
  • Cycle Time: 24 h

The Graphite System of the ESY–8

The LPE-Technology of ESY–8 is based on a Quartz-Boat Sliding-Technique.

The Boat consists of 5 Stacks, each containing a Substrate-Plate with 18 Hollows for the Substrates and Melts, a movable Slit-Plate to cover the Melt during Layer-Growth, and a Crucible for the Melt and Poly-GaP. NH3 is added during Layer-Growth to dope the active Layer with Nitrogen.

The pn-Junction and the p-Layer is formed by Evaporation of metallic Zinc-Balls, which are injected into the Reactor in adjustable Quantities.

Pictures of ESY–8

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